With a change in the seasons, how do you get the best hair for the holidays ?  It starts with a flawless haircut while keeping the frizz at bay.  Here we spoke to experts in the field.

Rossano Ferretti, the most expensive hair stylist in the world, developed his famous and innovative Method Haircut, that is sought after by A-List celebrities and royalty, such as Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Resse Witherspoon, who trust their prized locks in his capable hands.  Here Rossano discusses how a perfect haircut is like a work of art and done correctly can enhance and bring out a client’s inner beauty.


What defines The Method haircut?

The Invisible Haircut is based on the concept of the hair’s natural fall and movement. It gives hairdressers a way to highlight each client’s unique beauty, since each cut is designed to the particular characteristics of each woman’s hair and personality. This is the heart of the Rossano Ferretti Method. I created the Invisible Haircut to make every woman feel beautiful in her own way.


What are some of the best trends you saw over fashion week?

A: We have seen fashion shows this past week that involved brands such as Nike and Tommy Hilfiger. One of the most heart-warming and interesting in my opinion was The Runway of Dreams Foundation which focused on making fashion brands also adaptable for disabled people. Fashion evolves but it is important that people don’t forget to be inclusive. Everyone is and should feel important. Personally, it was such a humbling and motivating experience to see change in the fashion industry and I am proud to say some of my team in NYC participated in this event. 




We all want natural and voluminous hair but we also want fight frizz and static in the winter. If you have already tried several treatments, different haircuts and even sleeping with a satin pillowcase but still haven’t found THE solution, we recommend you to try the Cezanne treatment at Butterfly Salon.

Butterfly Salon, located in the Flatiron neighborhood in New York City, was founded by Kattia Solano, 17 years ago. It is one of the most popular luxury salons of the city staffed with talented stylists and colorists who will find the best treatment process for your hair type.

To transform frizzy hair to smooth locks invest in a Keratin treatment.  The Cezanne treatment works on all hair types and last for months. Their next generation smoothing formula is scentless without harmful ingredients. This treatment will eliminate the frizz with a silky, smooth effect but it’s purpose is not to create stick straight hair.  It will revitalize your hair to make it stronger, healthier and easier to maintain on a daily basis with a natural look.  




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