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VR CON, celebrating the boldest and coolest in the exploding areas of Virtual, Augmented, and Mediated Reality, is getting into the Halloween spirit — theming its latest show, at New York Comic Con October 6-9, with truly horrifying attractions. With presenting sponsor New York Haunted Hayride adding an all-too-real element, this VR CON will be a dreadfully good time for all.

VR CON @ NEW YORK COMIC-CON is being held in the VR, Gaming and Tech Pavilion of New York Comic Con, all of which is inside the landmark Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. This comes on the heels of VR CON’s ground-breaking inaugural gathering this past July, as an officially-sanctioned event of Comic Con International in San Diego. VR CON showcases the latest from leading equipment makers, film studios, television networks, game builders, and more.

New York Comic Con overall plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies and television – and now VR. NYCC attracted over 167,000 attendees last year, making it the largest comic book and pop culture gathering in the country.

“New York Haunted Hayride is thrilled to participate in and be the presenting sponsor of this indoor fright fest that is VR CON,” said Melissa Carbone, CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions, which produces New York Haunted Hayride on Randall’s Island and other horror-based attractions elsewhere. “We know as well as anyone the power of this genre to generate frights and delights among the masses.” Her company yielded the largest funding ever on the TV show Shark Tank (from Mark Cuban).

New York Haunted Hayride will have some of their live actors lurking around the VR CON space. While they provide an oh-so-very-real experience, there will be other exhibitors providing a virtually real frightful time.


vrcon-for-nyccVR CON @ NEW YORK COMIC-CON’s exhibitors, experiences, and promotions include:


Now in its second year in NYC, on Randall’s Island throughout most of October, this “Halloween Icon” is a high-octane interactive experience with actual scare actors. Tickets for it will be sold at their space in VR CON.
A leader in cinematic VR, Jaunt creates and distributes high-quality VR experiences, enabling consumers to immerse themselves in experiences ranging from sports and travel to film and music. Jaunt will be upping the fear factor at VR CON showcasing horror titles including:
• The Game (pilot of a new VR horror series)
• Escape of the Living Dead
• Zombie Purge
• Black Mass
Here attendees can demo a variety of Halloween-ish VR/360-degree experiences, including:
• Suicide Squad (Warner Bros./D.C.)
• Stranger Things (Netflix)
• Cirque
• Hellevator (GSN)
A division of FULL DOME PRO
They revolutionized immersive theaters with pop-up domed theaters in which people enter, lay down, look up, and experience stunning short films airing across the entire structure. VR CON will host two domes, each playing a different macabre film, selected for the theme.
Described as a “journey to the center of the mind that begins in your auditory nerves and keeps burrowing deeper,” this immersive show just began a run on Broadway.


“With horror, we got a bloody good taste of it our VR CON @ COMIC CON in San Diego — where our attractions there, while broad in genres, included Paranormal Activity VR and Time Zombies VR,” said VR CON co-founder Scott Bobrow. “So here at New York Comic Con, given that it falls in the month of All Hallows Eve, we wanted to curate a show that was all about jolts and good spirited fun.”

As to why VR CON was established, Bobrow said: “With estimates of VR and AR generating $182 billion by 2025, we are now at the base of a gathering storm. VR and AR will provide earth-shattering changes to the way we live and interact with others, alter the landscape of every industry, and there will be little in the way of life that goes untouched by it. At our VR CONs, people will be able to see how.”

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