Tamarind Tribeca is a high-end restaurant serving classic Indian dishes with upscale taste. Owner, Avtar Walia, brought together a skilled team of chefs able to add new spins to classic fare in an exquisite fashion. Synonymous with exceptionally well crafted Indian fine dining, the restaurant aims to amalgamate the mysteries and joys of the flavors from the India sub-continent with the elan and panache of Tribeca, New York.


Choose a Treasure from the Tandoor like Punjabi Tikhe Kabab which is boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, roasted whole spices, jalapenos, ginger, and garlic. The Hasira Samudra is a Chilean sea bass flavored with green chili, mint, coriander, tomato kokum sauce. Vegetarian specialties include Saag Paneer which is ground spices over spinach and cheese, and Lachedar Bhindi made from okra, dried mango and caramelized onions. Specialty cocktails like the Tamarind Margarita mixes Tamarind with Jose Cuervo Tequila, Grand Marnier, plus orange and cranberry juice. The Ginger & Pepper Martini blends Absolut Peppar with ginger and lime in a powerful cocktail mix. 


With a vested interest in establishing Indian culinary traditions and the complexity of flavors that it brings, Tamarind Tribeca hopes that it will be able to catapult Indian cuisine as a serious contender.  


99 Hudson St.

New York, NY 10013 




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