“Art NacoChido” By Sergio Arau

Music, fashion, and art come together in perfect synchronicity with the new apparel brand Desmoder, in limited edition T-Shirts designed by the renowned Mexican artist Sergio Arau and the Parisian born artist and designer Chloe Trujillo.


“Art Spirit Free” By Chloe Trujillo

Alongside a three day exhibition and pop-up shop of artwork by the two notable multi-talented artists, Desmoder was launched on October 3rd, 2018 at Recnstruct Studios in Los Angeles.



“Art Rudo Music” By Sergio Arau

Co-created with Alejandro Ordonez and Javier Aguirre, the exhibition featured a specially curated selection of original paintings by Arau and Trujillo, as well as various art, fashion, music, and film elements that encompass the artist’s multi-spectrum field of work.


“Art Clairvoyant” By Chloe Trujillo

Trujillo and Arau are a rare breed of multi-faceted talented artists that pin-pointing them in any one label is difficult. Both also coming from music backgrounds as well as art and fashion, the two have come together to forge a distinctive collection of apparel to launch Desmoder.



Desmoder “TicTac” Black Shirt

About Sergio Arau:
Sergio Arau is an LA and Mexico based Multi-disciplinary Artist – a filmmaker, artist, and, musician. The writer/producer/director of the feature film “A Day Without a Mexican,” a musician who formed Botellita De Jerez, La Venganza de Moctezuma, and Sergio Arau & Los Heavy Mex whose music fuses humor and traditional Mexican music with the contemporary Rock’N’Roll. A visual artist and political cartoonist, and the creator of ArtNacó, a Mexican Pop Art a pictorial proposal that integrates Lucha Libre, and other popular manifestations like the street altars.



Desmoder “Prisoner Blue”

About Chloe Trujillo:

Chloe Trujillo is an LA-based visual artist, fashion designer, and musician who creates artwork using a vibrant color palette whose content is informed by motifs like spirituality, cultures, nature and Rock-n-roll. Her multi-faceted talents have spread to appear in a wide variety of items intense like canvases, fashion accessories, surfboards, skateboards, guitars, fashion apparel and more, where here intense and vigorous colors can be appreciated with-in the contour of the item.





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