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Collages Credit: Paul Quitoriano for Rene Furterer.
misha-ss17_rene-furterer1Evoking the opulent glamour of the trend-setting habitués of Studio 54, Melbourne-based fashion label Misha made its New York Fashion Week debut with its Spring/Summer 2017 Collection at The Gallery in Skylight Clarkson Square, NY. Outside the weather was sweltering. But indoors an aura of cool prevailed as British supermodel Jourdan Dunn opened the show, followed by a brigade of sylph-like models. All flaunted vintage silhouettes such as jumpsuits, plunging necklines, poet sleeves, slinky slit skirts and mini dresses, brought up to the nanosecond with new textures, from leather to shimmering metallics to custom lace, with delicate sparkly embroidery, ostrich feathers and fringe in a monochromatic palette of pristine white, dramatic black and provocative red.


Dipping into the past but with her eye and artistry focused on the present, creative director Michelle Aznavorian spoke of her inspiration for the seductively sophisticated collection. “There is a ’60s-’70s vibe, at the same time we modernize the look. We are bringing back old-school style, innovating with lots of metallics, leather and lace. For inspiration we went to Paris where we found beautiful textured fabrics.”



For the perfect hair look that would reflect the same seductive elegance and move with the same fluid ease of the clothes, Aznavorian collaborated with renowned hairstylist Diego Da Silva of Tim Howard Management. In arriving at the concept for the hair, naturally textured, free-flowing, parted-in-the middle tresses with a sexy lift at the crown she noted, “The idea is to empower the women, to make them feel strong. And I love working with Diego.”


In describing the look, Diego remarked, “This is for the cool girl, who likes to be sexy but not too done. She’s society, the daughter of the Uptown Girl. She likes to dress, she spends money on fashion, but she wants to look relaxed, fresh. She’s a little decadent but never trashy, always refined, but with a little attitude, a rock ‘n roll vibe. This is a girl who takes care of her hair. She takes the time for a blow-dry, she wants the texture to be clean, natural and healthy.” To strike the right balance of elegance with an edge, Diego worked exclusively with his favorite styling products from René Furterer. Here, we go backstage with Diego as he leads his team in achieving the head-turning results.


  • We begin on clean, dry hair with a center part. After brushing through the hair, we start in back with the bottom layers and part hair horizontally. One section at a time, we take palmfuls of René Furterer VEGETAL MOUSSE and massage it into each section from roots to ends and brush it through the hair with a Mason Pearson brush. We work around to the sides and then move on to the hair around the face.
  • To make sure the mousse is evenly distributed so that we get a nice texture, we also comb through the hair with a wide-tooth comb and finesse the surface with the hands.
  • Next, we blow-dry the hair using a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow and a round bristle brush, starting in back, layer by layer, from the bottom to the crown. The brush works like a hot roller and the heat seals in the mousse.







  • We want to put a little bend in the hair. So we take sections, comb through each section and placing a large curling iron about 1/3 of the way down the section, wind the section around the barrel. We hold the iron in place for a few seconds, release the section, grasping the ends and unwinding the curled hair with our fingers. Lightly brushing through the hair adds texture.
  • Next, hair is tucked behind the ears. We pull out a loose piece on either side of the face for a more relaxed, easy effect. For the lift at the crown, we lightly back-comb sections, lightly spraying each one with  René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY. We don’t want too much height, just enough to give the hair a little attitude. To finesse the crown and maintain the lift, we lightly pick up teased hair with the end of a rattail comb.




  • To keep the texture in the hair from dropping while the models get make-up, we set the hair with clips in loose, large open pincurls. Once the models are dressed, the clips come out, hair is loosened up and lightly brushed through to bring out the texture. Last we give hair a light misting of the VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY to hold the look while allowing hair to move freely throughout the walk down the runway.

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