A Fashion Brand is Born

Breaking into fashion was always top of mind for designer Marcel Ames who hails from Virginia. Fashion wasn’t Ames first choice, he originally enrolled in the police academy and was looking forward to serving his community. Fate intervened and during his training Marcel suffered a concussion. This setback and the death of his father made him determined to pursue his original dream in fashion. “During my time at the academy, they told me to ‘be ready for anything; They instilled the idea that anything can be thrown at you and that I needed to stay on my toes,” said Ames. During his recovery Marcel studied graphic design and taught himself basic sewing techniques. On a whim, he visited a tarot card reader who said that he should “pay attention to the ten of pentacles card, as it will mean something to you.” This pivotal moment spawned the creation of his critically acclaimed fashion brand X of Pentacles.


Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Just in time for the holidays Marcel has launched his third collection. The line features ties, pocket squares and scarves, made of the highest quality silk and wool blends. The collection draws inspiration from Greek Mythology, Art Deco and Indigenous Art. You can see these influences in styles such as the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, Norse Serpent and King Neptune pocket squares. Limited quantities make the brand highly collectable and the buyer stand out. “X of Pentacles offers hand-crafted items that are produced in limited editions, for example, I only made 12 of the Aussie Bush print scarves. Once the design has sold out, I move onto the next thing and you would be hard pressed to find another person wearing the same scarf as you.” The pocket squares can be worn traditionally with sport coats or as neckerchiefs, a trend X of Pentacles has kick started



The Pentacle

“My inspiration and driving force is the logo,” said Marcel. “Everything starts with this visual. The circle represents vision of thought, the triangle symbolizes the desire and passion, the crescent represents the physical work and fluidity and the square, or Earth, illustrates the finished product.”


The Virginia Heritage Series

Marcel’s original collection, The Virginia Heritage Series continues to sell out with each new edition. The designer took his inspiration from his home state, “The scenery was my inspiration, the historical landmarks and things that represent the richness of culture in Virginia. I challenged myself to implement those things sartorially.” Some of the most popular designs include Colonial Cannon Blast, The Rotunda and Night Train. Marcel is now rolling out a made-to-measure program that uses Neapolitan tailoring. “Accessories were my first-love and I’ll always in cooperate them into every collection but now I want to offer curated pieces for every gentleman’s wardrobe,” adding tailored clothing into Marcel’s sophisticated lifestyle brand completes the circle for X of Pentacles.









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