By: Haiting Tan

manny-caboWith great risks comes great rewards, is a mantra that New Jersey native, Manny Cabo has lived by. With that mentality, he entered reality singing competition “The Voice,” and came out as a standout performer in the blind auditions. The former fashion photographer beat out 46,000 other contestants and was the only New Jersey native to make it to the second round. The thought of leaving his family for months and surviving on his savings worried him, but with all four judges turning their chairs around hoping to land Cabo on their team, his sufferings were long forgotten.


The 45 year old competed against Northern Irish rocker, Keith Semple, and was unfortunately sent home in the battle rounds. Despite his disappointment, winning was not the ultimate goal but rather it was to ensure himself that he had the abilities to be a singer and to step out of his comfort zone to achieve his dreams. Since his appearance on the reality show, he has received on onslaught of fan mail thanking him being an inspiration and for motivating them to chase their dreams.


While his passion for arts started to fuel in elementary school, the Seton Hall alum did not start singing in bands until his final year in college. While he entertained the thought of being a radio DJ, he ultimately found a job in the corporate world. Despite the stable employment and income, Cabo was miserable. It wasn’t until he had his creative juices flowing again while working for Apple as a certified trainer that he realized it was essential to get back to the arts.


Garnering attention as an opening act for bands such as Cold, 3 Doors Down and Lifehouse, Cabo eventually decided to take a four year break from music because he could not see eye to eye with others in the music industry. Three years ago he joined the cover band, Ultrafuze, which fueled the singer’s fire to pursue music again. His performance on the reality television show has led to “endorsement deals with Sennheiser, Clayton Picks, Thalia Capos and Westone in Ear monitors along with an array of radio and television appearances all contributing to my current successes as an artist.” Dropping his first EP “Stratospheric,” was just his first step to cementing his ride to superstardom, Cabo has been working on “Timeless,” a full length album and hopes to tour nationally next year.


Despite his career skyrocketing, the rocker has not forgotten to give back to charity. “I love doing charity work and have worked closely with, Kids with Cancer, Child Autism, Breast Cancer, all Local and National Police departments, Military / Last Salute organization that ensures proper burials for our lost heroes.” With a big heart and a soulful voice, Cabo is sure to hit the music business in stride.

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