With Spring right around the corner, its time to get your must haves together. Not sure what to get? Entrepreneur, Developer and Lifestyle Connoisseur Emir Bahadir weighed in on what a mans 5 Spring must haves are, and how he prepares himself.



“100% Capri Linen suits” was the very first item Emir listed as any mans spring must, followed by Panama hats and a light pashmina or cashmere scarf for those chilly nights. He commented that, “suede jackets are too light for fall and too hot for summer nights and perfect for spring”. He capped it off at number five by saying “Spring is the time to wear those special pieces, when the weather is tailored for them.”



When asked if there was anything different he would have in his top 5 picks he commented ”Hmmm. Great question. I feel like my top 5 differs from most men regardless. I like pieces that are not only great quality but also creative. I feel bored when I wear simple things. I almost feel like I’m wearing art when I pick out my outfits. Of course they have to be for the right time and the right place. As long as it fits the occasion, I prefer fashion to speak for itself. “



Emir has been using the same regiment on his skin for several years and based on people’s reactions he decided to launch his own Skincare Line. Which, includes both facial and eye masks made with the highest quality collagen for everyone to use. “My idea was to create affordable luxury for those who appreciate quality and beauty, yet don’t want to spend a fortune” It can be purchased exclusively on bahadiring.com/shop



I asked Emir to share what Spring 2018’s pattern was and his thoughts on it. “I always like stripes. I think they never go out of fashion.” More importantly he strongly believes, “one should carry and wear things that suit them rather than being in fashion.” He finds it hard to name just one designer when asked which is his favorite. “Depending on the occasion, my go to designers vary. I’m a big collector of Dolce Gabbana, and Fendi is my favorite winter/skiing gear brand. As you know, I love fur, I can name Fendi for being the one for that. Always making fur creative and up to date with their design. Not to mention I always go for controversial outfits. Classic wear, I like Prada, Brunello cucinelli. Exotic / classic wear, Stefano ricci. Accessories like scarves, hats and belts, my go to is always Hermès.”



Where will you be spending your Spring 2018? “Due to my insane professional schedule I can say NYC, LA, Montenegro and Istanbul are definitely on my spring destinations. We’re developing a residence & hotel project in Montenegro, which has progressively developed in the last few years and no doubt will be the next Monaco. It is a pleasure to be a part of the development in this beautiful country. I also have a few weddings this spring: in Rome, Cap d’Antibes, Istanbul, NYC and Forte dei Marmi.”



“I’m launching my tech company right before summer. My team and I have been working on it for almost 8 months now. It is very exciting to see it progress. My tech company is a mixture of technology, design and lifestyle. Stay tuned. You will hear about it very soon! ”



Finally, I ask what Emir’s favorite thing about spring is, and his words are my sentiments exactly. “The weather! Not overwhelming heat, and not freezing cold. All the fun stuff happens in the spring!”







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