hotel de russie

Hotel de Russie

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” Pablo Picasso said. In February 1917, he visited Rome with his friend, the poet Jean Cocteau, while planning the staging of a ballet. They stayed at the Hotel de Russie, and, legend has it, leaned out of the windows of their adjoining rooms to pick oranges.

bistro chat noir

Bistro Chat Noir

French Flavor, Southern Charm, and New York Romance at its Best   By Pamela Jacobs. With the warm, romantic atmosphere of a classic French bistro, one of the best locations in all of Manhattan, outstanding cuisine, and the unique blend of French expertise and Southern hospitality, Bistro Chat Noir is something very special.   Nestled…


Bustan: A Modern Israeli Gem

  By Pamela Jacobs. Today, Israel is one of the world’s top dining destinations. With culinary night markets and highly acclaimed restaurants that rival the best in the world, the country’s food scene is on fire. And right here on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Tuvia Feldman and her restaurant, Bustan, are serving modern cuisine to…


Lavo’s Riviera Sundays

And Rocco Ancarola, Who Makes it all Possible   By Pamela Jacobs. It’s been called “One of the 10 Most Unique Dining Experiences in NYC,” and has hosted the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Chung, and Flo Rida. It’s part dinner theater, part dance party, part sexy theme soiree. It’s Riviera Sundays at LAVO, and…


Dining in Wonderland aka. London

3 Extraordinary Culinary Experiences in London to Taste in 2016 By Norah Bradford. Like the literary character Alice, a visit to London offers many unique experiences and a few gastronomic rabbit holes into which—lacking good advice and information—a visitor can fall. On your 2016 visit to this iconic city, place these three dining opportunities at…